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Near the Spring Festival, Qianjiayao village cooperatives are bustling, villagers are busy with the processed steel pipe to pull home, in order to build a vegetable steel shed before spring, without delay in farming.


“In the past two years, the steel shed has been very effective in growing vegetables. Chen Zuoli, head of the cooperative, said he had specially introduced a batch of equipment for processing steel pipes, and the villagers had come to the cooperative for processing. More than 800 steel-framed sheds have been built in the village since he returned home to grow vegetables in 2013.


Chen Zuoli,44, a villager in Qianjiayao Village, Jiuhe Town, Gaolan County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, had run an automobile service company in Lanzhou City, and his business was smooth and he was a famous rich man in the village.


A few years ago Chen Zuoli went home, suddenly found a lot of arable land abandoned in the village. Young people go out to work and only their parents are still farming. Chen Zuoli said when he was young, he saw his parents \"cherish the land as gold\" and planted crops and vegetables in the ditches. Nowadays, the fields that should have been covered with golden ears of wheat are full of green weeds.


“has to do something. Chen Zuoli made up his mind to take out the proceeds of the management company and set up the Kailong planting and breeding cooperative, which transferred more than 100 mu of land. At first opposed to his parents, after understanding his initial heart, also became a supporter.


Qianjiayao village water, soil and climate conditions suitable for vegetable cultivation, and the village has a history of more than 20 years of growing vegetables. Chen Zuoli finally focused his eyes on growing vegetables.


Growing vegetables is no easier than running a company. Chen said quality products and services determine the company's performance, but the growth of happy vegetables, but did not bring him the expected benefits. He lost Ben in the first year of growing vegetables.


“Around the production of vegetables in the concentration of time, vegetable varieties are mainly leafy vegetables, the market is not good, this is a loss of money. Mr. Chen said he had to make up for the loss of his car-services company's earnings, and that even if his friends chose to quit, he wasn't determined to give up growing.


In order to grow good vegetables, Chen Zuoli specially ran to Wushan County, Yuzhong County and other places where vegetables were well planted to learn, and found a breakthrough from the two ends of vegetable production and marketing. Before starting the vegetables every year, he went to the surrounding area to study, and if the surrounding area planted leafy vegetables, he changed to grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, avoiding \"homogeneity\" in varieties. He also introduced double-membrane steel shed technology, will be planted a month earlier than before, the realization of the wrong peak vegetable market.


In addition, he took advantage of the advantages of running car service companies, along with friends running transport opened from Qianjiayao village directly to Chongqing vegetable sales line, and through the cooperative insurance price acquisition, the villagers directly sold vegetables in the end market.


Driven by Chen Zuoli, more and more villagers have grown vegetables to increase their income, and many migrant workers have returned home to grow vegetables. \"There are more villagers growing vegetables and more demand for technical support and market information. Chen said he simply sold the company at the end of 2018 and devoted himself to growing vegetables.


Nowadays, the cooperative has transferred more than 490 mu of cultivated land for vegetable and flower cultivation, and there are 56 poor families of building grade card in 10 villages around them. Before New Year's Day this year, Chen Zuoli also paid 1550 yuan in cash for each poor household on schedule.


“Now that vegetables are given many functions, such as leisure and sightseeing, and experiential picking, it's no longer simple to grow and raise." Mr. Chen said he is building a comprehensive agricultural park that integrates vegetable cultivation, fruit picking, flower appreciation, leisure and sightseeing.