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Passenger unions released new car sales data for December 2019, which also means full-year sales figures, with sales of 10,000 new cars in 2019, down% year-on-year, including MPV sales of 10,000, down% year-on-year. The MPV market is shrinking, so in this context, which MPV models can rise against the trend?


No matter how the MPV market changes, there will always be a place for Wuling Hongguang, which accounts for 27% of the entire MPV market based on sales figures for 2019. With Wuling Hongguang's contemporary models are now almost invisible, and Wuling Hongguang not only continued to sell, but also launched a different version of the car, as if to develop a car system,2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been exposed to the electric version of Wuling Hongguang, I do not know if the electric version of the Hongguang can still be proud of the group in the autumn Mingshan?


Buick GL8's annual sales growth of 6% compared with 2018, because the model positioning and Wuling Hongguang is completely different, and the price is higher, Wuling Hongguang although the sales volume is very large, but the year-on-year decline of%, if these factors are taken into account, then the GL8 year-on-year growth is not big, but at least indicate that its market is expanding, consumption upgrading in the MPV sector?


Baojun 730 is just one step away from the 100,000 mark, with annual sales down% year-on-year, which is not good news for Baojun 730, and the decline in sales is not unacceptable, after all, the entire MPV market is shrinking, but with Baojun's sales channels and sales capacity, the annual sales decline is actually more than the market's decline, this is really a reflection.


The annual sales of Baojun 360 are almost unchanged from the 77394 in 2018, and the appearance of Baojun 360 is a little more delicate from the model, although this delicacy only exists in the front part. Cylinder believes that in the cost and sales system capacity, Baojun has unparalleled advantages of other brands, so long as it can create a more sophisticated sense of car products, can completely seize the market for small SUVs.


Song MAX's annual sales plummeted% compared to 2018! If you look at it in terms of design, song max can be called the face of the autonomous mpv camp, but the relatively poor impact test results have deterred many consumers. We Chinese people pay attention to \"there are inside have a face \", now the outside of Song Max design is very brilliant, the rest is the\" inside \"problem.


The popular line of MPV, which owns a number of MPV models, is more business-oriented as a whole and has seen its overall sales grow by% compared to 2018. For the Dongfeng popularity, its model positioning in the domestic market is only the rival Jianghuai Ruifeng series, and these two car companies have a commercial background, can be said to have a congenital chassis advantage.


Odyssey's audience is more private than GL8's business travel, where sales are up% year-on-year, and the listing of hybrid models is a bright spot in addition to the advantages of space utilization compared to GL8, and if the capacity of hybrid models can be fully released, the sales of Odyssey will continue to grow.


Ruifeng's sales are down% compared to 2018, for Jianghuai, in the process of commercial transfer, Ruifeng is its one-shot and popular model, although now Ruifeng has developed into an MPV series, which covers M3\/M4\/M5\/M6\/R3 and many other MPV models, but its sales are really somewhat miserable, hoping that the MPV of Jianghuai in 2020 will grow.


As a new car on the market in 2018, it hit the top10 list in 2019. Compared with GM8, GM6 as a whole is a smaller size, but the face of the field is no less than GM8, the above mentioned MPV exquisite sense, this point in the GM6 can feel. Of course, if GM6 prices could fall a little more, sales might rise.


As geely's first mpv, it went on sale in march 2019. In other words, sales in nine months are close to gm6's one-year sales. The two mpvs aren't bad, but they're different in style. But for brands, geely's brand is obviously a little more influential than gm6, and its official starting price is 10,000 yuan lower.